A 'DEEPLY concerning' leaflet spreading misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines has been sent to homes in Oxford.

The printed leaflet delivered door-to-door to properties on Turn Again Lane – in the heart of the city – encourages people to question the safety and efficiency of approved vaccines.

It also claims that the vaccine is dangerous and ineffective, and contains a number of websites that support these arguments.

The conspiracy theory-supporting leaflet was pushed through the door of an Oxford resident, who wishes not to be named.

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While there is no name or contact details on it, it was distributed by a woman and each property on the street was given a copy.

The resident commented: "It was very strange, especially because there was no name or contact on it.

"I also saw that the woman was dropping a copy to all the houses on the street."

It is unknown how many of these have been distributed to people, however, councillor Louise Upton, cabinet member for safer, healthy Oxford, said that the they are 'totally irresponsible'.

The councillor warned people to not trust the information and the leaflet and added: "This is deeply concerning, while vaccination rates are rising, they are lagging behind in the very groups that need it most – communities with the highest death rates.

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"Promoting misinformation about the vaccine and the pandemic is totally irresponsible, this disease kills and the vaccine is one of the best protections we have against it.

"We know deaths in those age groups who are vaccinated have plummeted, which shows the vaccine works.

"We are working with a number of community groups to make sure the public can ask questions of medical experts, and our online Q&A events with doctors are available for anyone to watch."

Ms Upton urged residents to only discuss any doubts they have about the vaccines with medical experts who have 'their 'best interests at heart'.

The councillor added: "Please use reputable experts to get your information about the vaccine."

Any Covid-19 vaccine that is approved must go through large-scale clinical trials and safety checks.

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So far, more than 22 million people in the UK have been given a Covid-19 vaccine and more than one million have received their second dose.

Reports of serious side-effects, such as allergic reactions, have been rare and no long-term complications have been noted.

A spokesperson for Oxfordshire County Council revealed that it is working very closely with NHS partners to support the rollout of the vaccination programme across Oxfordshire and encourage uptake.

They added: "Vaccines are one of the safest health interventions we have, saving millions of lives every year."