A MISSING puppy has been found after he was taken from a car in broad daylight. 

Milo's owner thought he had locked the car but when he returned 10 minutes later the four-and-a-half month Dachshund had been taken. 

Dio Davies said her husband had parked outside of Barclays bank on Chipping Norton High Street on Wednesday at around 12.35pm. 

At the time she explained the family were 'on a mission' gathering all the CCTV from nearby shops to track down the thief and police were called in to appeal for witnesses.

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Now, four days later the puppy has been reunited with the Davies after he was found under a car at Kidlington's Sainsbury's.

A woman got in touch with the family through social media - where the missing dog posters have been shared 272,000 times. 

She left messages in the middle of the night but Mrs Davies couldn't get hold of her so tracked down her IP address using websites online and went to her house at 7am to collect her dog. 

Oxford Mail:

She said: "We're absolutely over the moon. We've had it all - even hoax calls but we are so fortunate. 

"It's a really happy ending. It's just incredible. I mean...the luck! I'm not leaving him in the car again.

"So many people have sent messages saying they were worried about him - people we've never met. We've had so many messages we can't reply to them all."

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