THAMES Water has been given a fine worth more than £2 million following a pollution incident in Oxfordshire.

The water company was fined £2.3 million for a raw sewage pollution incident in 2016, which saw 1,200 fish die.

Between April 21 and 24, 2016, untreated sewage with a high ammonia content leaked into the Fawley Court ditch and stream that flows into the River Thames in Henley.

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Thames Water’s chief executive Sarah Bentley said: “We’re really sorry for what happened in Henley five years ago.

“Discharges of untreated sewage are simply unacceptable and we will work with the Government, Ofwat and the Environment Agency to accelerate work to stop them being necessary.

“Our business plan for the next five years includes an unprecedented amount of investment, much of it directed towards safeguarding the environment.

“We have a long way to go and we certainly can’t do it on our own, but the ambition is clear.”

Thames Water was handed a record £20 million fine in March 2017 after almost two billion litres of untreated sewage entered the Thames at treatment works in Didcot and Henley.

Spills also occurred at Aylesbury and Little Marlow.