THERE have been plenty of mysteries that have occurred across Oxfordshire in recent years, and while some of them remain a mystery to this day, a number of them have been solved. 

Here are all the mysteries that have been solved recently in Oxford:

1. Why was the army seen at the John Radcliffe earlier this week?

Photos of military personnel in front of and around the John Radcliffe Hospital in Headington.

Readers were quick to question why the army would have been deployed to the cities biggest hospital?

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The mystery, however, was solved: the military staff was helping the hospital with the coronavirus pandemic.

As of February 9, there was 42 military personnel from the Ministry of Defence supporting staff at the John Radcliffe Hospital in both clinical (20 staff) and non-clinical roles (22 staff).

2. Why were there low flying helicopters all over Oxford the other day?

Three helicopters were spotted flying over Oxford earlier this month, causing residents to question what was going on.

An Oxford resident said he recognised them as Dauphin helicopters for 658 Squadron Army Air Corps, said they worked alongside the SBS and SAS and were nicknamed ‘Blue Thunder’.

The mystery was shortly solved. The helicopters were on a 'top secret' mission for the Secret Service. 

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3. Why was the Abingdon monk wearing a red coat?

Back in December, Abingdon locals were left puzzled after the town's iconic holy man statue was spotted wearing a red cloak bearing a mysterious logo.

Some assumed the new outfit was a nod to the festive season, with others speculating about a deeper meaning.

A group soon owned up to the mystery, however.

The statue's attire was the work of climate change activists from Extinction Rebellion Abingdon.

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A spokesperson for the group said the red symbolised "the blood we share with all species".

4. Why did a bus load of Chinese tourists go to Kidlington?

In 2016 bus loads of Chinese tourists began flocking to Kidlington on their tours.

Residents were baffled by the influx of Chinese tourists who seemed mesmerised by the relatively normal village houses. 

A Chinese tour guide revealed, however, that it was the quiet, normal nature of the houses that attracted tourists.

The guide, responding to a question sheet handed out to tourists, said: "We don't have [these] in China. Here, we are looking for the true sense of this country."

5. Why was there piles of white powder all over Bicester?

In 2019, residents in Bicester became extremely concerned after small piles of white powder were dotted all over the town.

Locals were particularly concerned for the safety of dogs - in case they ate this mysterious powder.

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Otheres were concerned the powder were drugs.

The mystery was eventually solved, however, Bicester Hash House Harriers running club were soon to quash concerns in revealing that it is flour used for marking running routes through the town.