A beloved pet dog that was initially thought to have fled the scene of a house fire on Friday has been confirmed dead.

Jolly, a Border Collie cross spaniel, went missing after a major fire broke out on Watlington Road in Cowley.

A desperate search for the dog has been taking place, with the whole community pulling together in an effort to locate him.

A family member said they had been contacted by the Fire Service, who told the family Jolly had been found within the house and had not escaped as previously thought.  

Oxford Mail: JollyJolly

One of the organisers of the search to find Jolly, with close links to the family, confirmed this afternoon in the public Blackbird Leys Community Facebook Group that Jolly had 'passed away'.

The post read: "Unfortunately it is with great sadness that we have just received the news that Jolly has passed away.

"I would appreciate it if everyone could delete the shared posts & any other posts about him, especially ones with our phone numbers.

"We really really appreciate everyone’s help in looking for him, it has really restored my faith and shown me there are so many good people.

"Please do not try and contact anyone else in the family now as we need some time to grieve."

Another relative said on the same Facebook group: "With great Sadness and contrary to initial statements I can confirm, The Fire Service have now informed us that they have found Jolly inside the house.

"We'll take comfort in knowing he lived his life beside my dad every minute of the day and there he will remain RIP Jolly, forever with your Master.

"(I would also be grateful if ALL post can be deleted so people are not sharing these posts for years to come).

"Finally, thank you All so very much for all you help."

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