AN OXFORDSHIRE resident who was left with life-changing disabilities after being hit by a car is now selling his artwork as a means of therapy.

In 2012, Darren Hall, 48, was cycling in the town of Bad Fallingbostel in Germany when he was hit by a car.

The accident changed Mr Hall’s life for good, and in 2015, he was declared physically disabled.

He now lives in Carterton with his wife Andrea, 49, who serves in the armed forces.

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He said: “From eyewitness accounts, I T-boned the car with my knees and right leg taking the brunt of the impact, and landed approximately 30m away, avoiding a lamppost by inches as I flew through the air.

“It still has a profound effect on my whole life, I’m scarred and have severe pain in my knees and right leg.

“Following the accident, I had six operations on my right knee and my leg was surgically broken in the two years following the accident.

“I have many other injuries, and having been born with Spina bifida, my pelvis and spine have struggled to cope with my lack of mobility.

Darren Hall

Darren Hall

“I was declared physically disabled in 2015, and it broke me mentally.

“I have severe short-term memory loss with advancement to early dementia and a hell of a lot of my life’s memories and people have disappeared.

“I walk with a stick all of the time, I have a wheelchair and mobility scooter for outings out of the house, and I wear a medical watch for my falls.

“I have lists on a blackboard to tell me what to do and what to not forget to do.”

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However, despite the severe impact the crash had on his life, Mr Hall has found art to be his escape, and recently began selling it.

“What I also have in my favour is art in my life,” he said.

“It takes me away from the horrors that fill my head and hurt my body.

“Art has been my saviour throughout my whole life, I have had art in my life since I was a very young child.

Lady in Red by Darren Hall

Lady in Red by Darren Hall

“Art was my relaxation tool for getting away from the world and my thoughts, but it was just a hobby.

“It has been a very lucky distraction from chronic nightmares and uncomfortable sleep at night.

“I am struggling to draw anymore due to my brain issues so painting is my only regular outlet but I love it and let so much out in my paintings.

“I can wake early or late at night and be suddenly be struck by a moment and I have to head for my studio.

One of the paintings produced by Darren Hall

One of the paintings produced by Darren Hall

“Whenever I need it, is is there, and I am so lucky and very grateful.

“I started selling my art in 2019 full-time from my website and social media.

“I am also hoping to open my studio in baby steps with the help of my sister Jodie.”

To see more of Mr Hall’s artwork, please visit: