THE Bishop of Oxford says people are ‘spreading lies and misinformation’ about Covid vaccinations.

Steven Croft has joined twelve other bishops in sharing messages online, encouraging people to get the vaccine.

It is all part of the NHS-backed #GiveHope campaign, which is attempting to get people to seek accurate information on vaccines, after fears anti-vaccination conspiracy theories are causing low uptake among some communities.

In a video message, Mr Croft urges people to ignore ‘lies and misinformation’, and take on board ‘reliable’ scientific evidence.

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He said: “The Covid pandemic has been a terrible experience for all of us in all of our communities.

“For some, it’s been absolutely devastating through bereavement or illness.

“The lockdown has been extremely difficult, it’s been hard for our children and young people, and it’s been terrible for those who are isolated and elderly.

“Our NHS services have been magnificent but the effects of the pandemic, we will feel for years to come when it comes to an end.

“We now have a secure and safe route to a more normal life together as the vaccination programme is rolled out.

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“I’m very proud of the fact within Oxford, scientists have been at work to develop the vaccines in record time and those are now being rolled out across the country.

“I believe the vaccines are safe, and I believe they are the best way through this pandemic.

“I believe each of us has a responsibility to make sure that we, and those we love, are vaccinated for the sake of the whole community.

“For some reason, people are spreading lies and misinformation about these vaccinations, and that needs to be countered in all of our communities with truth and good, reliable scientific and medical information.

“I will have no hesitation in receiving the vaccine when my turn comes.”

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