ON MONDAY Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be setting his roadmap out of coroanvirus restrictions.

The Prime Minister is expected to provide long-awaited information on the vaccine efficacy, which has been said to be a key factor in deciding how quickly lockdown can be eased.

We asked our readers if they would be willing to spend another two months in lockdown if a normal summer was guaranteed.

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Here is what you said:

CHRIS HUGHES: "Definitely, I would prefer it if lockdown is until September when everyone is vaccinated and all the data pointed to a safer lifestyle."

SAMANTHA SWAN-MERRY: "Not really, this affects my kids and my mental state, so hopefully going back to school would be better for kids and parents."

SALLY WORTH: "Yes, we must not life everything until it's really safe to do so, this must be the last lockdown."

DAVID CAMERON-YOUNG: "If it means being able to have proper holidays, and get out and about, certainly. People need proper breaks."

AMANDA JANE SUMNER: "Yes, as long as it takes. There does seem to be a lot more people around in the centre of Oxford with half term."

SUSAN MINNS: "Yes, lockdown until everyone's had the vaccine."

JEAN MARRISON QUATERMAN: "Send the kids back one year group at a time, starting with oldest. Watch numbers and see. If all ok then start opening one at a time ending with pubs. Only way to know the impact of each opening."

ANDREA LEWIS: "We know the impact of each. The pubs opened at the beginning of July and there was no spike. Schools, colleges and universities all went back and there as a massive spike."

SHARON JAMES: "Absolutely, but it would have to be a proper lockdown, this latest effort is a joke."

LAURA WATERS: "Definitely. The last thing we need is to end up in lockdown again."

BAGERATHAN RAGUNATHAN: "There will be no normal summer anymore,learn to live with masks and with Covid danger that catch you. Please do not give false hope to the public."

MARTIN PRITCHARD: "If it meant we could go finally and get back to normal, then absolutely. This is doing my head in now, it has finally gotten to me and I think it's financial impact has finally done it for me."

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RUTH BOWERS: "Yes, if it means that we don't go into another lockdown again."

FLORENTINE ANTON: "No. How the vaccine cannot guarantee that you will not get covid, a longer lockdown will not guarantee we are going back to normal."

DIANA MACHADO: "Don't think things will be the same for years. Unsure if business will make it, so many people with mental health problems now and worries."

JANE ISOBEL: "Yes, if it was the safest option."

LILLY BEECHERS: "No, as I need to have time with my children and my grandchildren."

EMMA ROWLANDS: "Yes. Too early to lift it now."

KERRY CHINA-LEE: "If they go into lockdown then you do not actually get a choice, but if it means this awful virus calms down, then who wouldn't and if it means we get to spend a summer with our kids at the beach, well that's a bonus."

VIVIENNE WARD: "Absolutely we certainly do not want a fourth lockdown if we go back to normal soon."

NEAL CUSS: "What lockdown? There is so much traffic on the roads, lots of people out and about. All observed while walking a dog near the main or a rare trip to get food."

JEMMA JENNINGS: "They 100 per cent know it's the older students in universities and colleges that caused the massive spread and rise. They just want to say or admit it because they don't want to turn them away because of the money they bring in. They don't care about people, it is all about the money."

DARREN SMITH: "I think most people are fed up with it."

TRACEY PUDWELL DILLON: "As long as it takes."

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