NEW speed limits and parking restrictions dominate the latest public notices issued by local authorities in Oxfordshire.

In the last week, a variety of notices have been published by councils, impacting residents in different ways.

From traffic orders to planning applications, these notices stretch right across the county.

Notices: Homes at greenfield site and road closures

New speed limits: Oxfordshire County Council is seeking to change speed limits in Longcot and Shrivenham in response to local road safety concerns and residential development.

The speed limits will be amended as follows:

  • A 30mph limit in Longcot Road, Shrivenham, to extend the existing limit south-eastwards by approximately 40 metres in place of the existing 60mph national speed limit, to cover access to a new development.
  • A 40mph speed limit in place of the existing 60mph one on the following roads in Longcot: B4508 Majors Road, for 185 metres northwards from Shrivenham Road; Fernham Road and Shrivenham Road, extending the existing limit south-westwards to the junction with Majors Road; Longcot Road, south-westwards from its junction with Majors Road for 117 metres.
  • A 50mph speed limit on the B4508 Majors Road in Longcot/Watchfield, in place of the existing 60mph limit from its roundabout junction with the A420 Oxford Road, south-eastwards for approximately 1.6 kilometres.

Parking restrictions: The county council is also seeking to introduce new and amended parking prohibitions and restrictions in various roads in Witney.

There is set to be sections of ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ parking restrictions as follows:

  • Newland, on the southern side: for 11 metres northwards from Church Lane; for 11 metres northwards from Church Lane; either side of the access to Newland Industrial Estate, and either side of the junction with Compton Way.
  • Church Lane: on the west side, either side of the junction with Meadow View, and on the north side at the junction with the access to Cogges Manor Farm Museum.
  • Corndell Gardens: new section at the southern end, outside property numbers 9,11 and 18 along the wall adjacent to the builders yard.
  • The Crofts: the existing restrictions will be extended further southwards from Corn Street by six metres, reducing the two-hour parking (8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday inclusive) by the same amount.
  • Avenue Two: new sections on both sides around the proposed new access junction, approximately 50 metres south of the junction with Heynes Place.

Meanwhile, approximately 55 metres of ‘No Waiting 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday’ restrictions will be removed outside The Griffin public house, and replaced with 30 metres of unrestricted parking and sections of ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ around the junctions, as listed above.

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Double yellows: Double yellows are set to be extended by 54 metres on the east side of Bath Street, north of Stratton Way, Abingdon, with plans to introduce a safe cycling lane affecting the east side of Bath Street.

40 mph speed limits: The county council has issued a notice, extending speed limits in Kingham.

In Station Road, there will be an introduction of a 40mph speed limit in place of the existing 60mph limit northwards from the junction with the B4450 Station Road for 165 metres, and the introduction of a 40mph speed limit extending north-­eastwards from the 30mph speed limit at Chipping Bridge to a point 85 metres southeast of the junction with Station Road.

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