While some restaurants in Oxford are serving takeaways, others remain closed due to the latest coronavirus restrictions.

The Prime Minister has said he will reveal a route out of the latest lockdown on February 22.

People looking forward to returning to pubs and restaurants can take a look at the top 10 restaurants for Oxford on reviews site Tripadvisor.

BBuona Pizza Bar, formerly Buonasera in Gloucester Green, has the #1 spot out of 440 restaurants in the city.

It has a five-star rating and is placed first out of 31 Italian restaurants and takeaways in Oxford.

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Following a recent order, Alessandra left this review: "We have ordered a Carbonara and a Bufala pinsa to take away and we were so impressed!

"Excellent dough and fresh top quality ingredients, the pinsa base in so soft and fluffy and crunchy at the same time. Really really good!"

Staff at BBuona say ‘you don’t have to go to Italy to eat a good pizza’.

The website added: “We have arrived in Oxford, happy to bring with us the flavours and colours of Pinsa, a typical Roman dish.

“Pinsa has its own flours mix different from pizza, a very small amount of yeast and 80% of water. Crunchy outside and soft inside, lighter, less fat and more digestible than a classic pizza.

“We are deeply and truly in love with Pinsa, its ancient origins and the variety of toppings that can make it really unique and tasty, so Pinsa is the protagonist of our menu here at BBuona Pizza Bar.”

Oxford Mail:

The rest of the top 10 is as follows: 

#2: Za'atar Bake

#3: Antep Kitchen

#4: NEF Istanbul Restaurant

#5: Spiced Roots

#6: Polish Kitchen

#7: The Coconut Tree

Oxford Mail:

#8: Hubble and Home

Oxford Mail:

#9: Comie's Caribbean Grill

#10: The Old Bookbinders Ale House.

Oxford Mail:

The government has not given a date for when restaurants could reopen but a recent story by The Sunday Times quoted an anonymous Downing Street source saying it could be as late as May for pubs and restaurants to reopen.