A TAKEAWAY Kebab shop received a one-star hygiene rating following criticism of the storage of raw burgers, a greasy extractor fan and dirty tea towel.

Cowley Khyber Kebab House on Cowley Road, Oxford, is now set to close and be turned into a takeaway pizza shop.

On November 2, 2020, Khyber Kebab received an unannounced visit from Oxford City Council’s hygiene inspectors who gave the takeaway a one-star rating.

The takeaway was downgraded for having raw burgers above ready to eat salad, which was not covered, letting the handle of salad tongs touch the food and for defrosting food at room temperature.

The hygiene inspector also reported a grease build up on the rim of an extractor fan and a dirty tea towel left on the grill.

One sink was being used to clean everything, including hands, and did not have hygienic hand drying facilities.

Inspectors also commented on clutter in the kitchen and a dirty microwave, and noted the outside of the freezer was also dirty.

Hygiene inspectors reported building works being carried out and the inspector wrote in a report advising that a plastic sheet should be put up to ensure the area was kept separate to avoid any cross-contamination issues with the rest of the premises.

Confidence in management was marked as ‘little’ on inspection as there were no written daily checks available to view at the time of the unannounced inspection.

The inspector noted concerns about the lack of documentation.

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Khyber Kebab has mixed reviews on Just Eat, with some reviewing the food as “lovely” and “yummy” and others commenting on its “bad customer service”.

However, this could all change as the takeaway is set to change menu.

The owners of Khyber Kebab were not available for a comment as the shop is changing hands.

The Cowley kebab shop is set to be transformed into a takeaway pizza shop – called Mother Hand Pizza

The new owner of Mother Hand Pizza, who did not supply his name, simply said the premises was switching to sell takeaway pizzas – as well as kebabs.

He said he would be prepared to a receive a visit from the food hygiene inspectors and was keen to distance himself from Khyber Kebab.

A notice on the Khyber Kebab website advertises a new menu coming soon for the pizza shop.

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