ACCORDING to a survey, over lockdown people people have spent more time on the video sharing app, Tiktok, than any other social media platform.

The platform was labelled the 'most addictive' social media site as the average person spends 12 hours and 12 minutes on the app per week.

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YouTube was the second 'most addictive' app with the average person similarly spending 12 hours a week on the platform.

The average person also spent over 11 hours and 50 minutes per week on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

According to Addictive Tips, this is how long an average person spends on each app per week:

  • TikTok: 12 hours, 12 minutes
  • YouTube: 12 hours, 4 minutes
  • Facebook: 11 hours, 59 minutes
  • Twitter: 11 hours, 56 minutes
  • Instagram: 11 hours, 46 minutes
  • Snapchat: 11 hours, 24 minutes
  • WhatsApp: 11 hours, 18 minutes
  • Tumblr: 10 hours, 42 minutes
  • Reddit: 10 hours, 37 minutes
  • Skype: 10 hours, 21 minutes

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