PEOPLE are being asked to ‘Clap for Tom’ this evening at 6 pm to honour the national hero.

Captain Sir Tom Moore, who was 100 years old, passed away yesterday evening from pneumonia after testing positive for Covid-19.

After some confusion about when the clap would take place, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is encouraging the nation to join in with a national clap for Captain Sir Tom at 6 pm this evening.

The World War Two veteran raised nearly £33 million for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden.

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After news broke of his death yesterday evening, the hashtag #ClapforTom quickly began trending on Twitter as people paid tribute to the veteran.

There is some confusion, however, about when the clap should take place.

One social media page circulating on Facebook suggests the clap should be held tomorrow at 6pm for five minutes.

Others are suggesting that the clap should be held at 8pm tomorrow, as that is the same time and day originally held for Clap for Carers.

The Government has said that the memory of Sir Tom should be marked ‘properly and appropriately’.

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Health secretary Matt Hancock said the 100 year old had ‘touched the hearts of the nation and we should remember that’.

NHS Charities Together, to who Sir Tom donated millions of pounds to, said ‘when the time is right’ it would also ‘put together a suitable tribute … in honour of everything he did for the NHS and NHS charities’.