Rumours of a universal £500 payment for everyone forced to isolate after a positive Covid test was among suggestions leaked in a government document last week.

We asked our readers whether offering payments could be an incentive for people to go out and attempt to contract virus.

Here is what you said:

KIRSTY MARTIN: “Absolutely ridiculous, people will just catch it on purpose.”

KIMMI JANE: “So encourage people to mingle to catch the virus by offering £500 if they are successful then give them money to pay for the fine. What a fabulous idea.”

AMEY CLARK-REEDER: “Why should people be paid £500 to do the decent thing as a huma being and isolate when key workers aren’t being given any pay rises. They deserve the money.”

JANE WOOD: “Bloody ridiculous idea. If there is that much money going free then pay nurses more.”

JACKY SAVIN: “They should be fined £500 and if they don’t isolate. Not be given £500.”

MARY PARK: “£500 would pay for more equipment or train NHS staff, or even other priorities that are urgently needed. People need to start taking responsibility for themselves, their health and their wellbeing.”

KELLY WILLIAMS: “How about saving that £500 and giving NHS staff a pay rise during this tough time, not pay people who can’t respect the lockdown.”

BRYAN JAMES BAKER: “If you are earning £500 a week in construction manufacturing you cannot furlough and the state sick pay is rubbish. Do the right thing and self isolate. I think 500 would help more people to stay in.”

CAROL FAULKNER: “What a ridiculous idea.”

MATT CARTER: “Anyone dumb enough to go out and try to catch the virus is an idiot.”

KEV CHURCH: “Fine people £500 for breaking the rules.”

DEBBIE WIDDOWS: “Madness – give it to the nurses and carers.”

 - An earlier version of this article had 'fined' in the headline rather than the correct 'paid'. We apologise for this error.