A SIX-year-old girl is running 10 miles in 10 days to raise money for homeless people.

Aria Hahn, a pupil at St Aloysius School, began helping the homeless by giving out hot chocolate and food for people rough sleeping but felt this was not enough.

Aria is halfway through her run and has already raised over £2,000 for The Gatehouse, a charity that supports those who are homeless or vulnerably housed in Oxford.

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Oxford Mail: Aria Hahn running. Six-year-old runs 10 miles in 10 days. Aria Hahn running. Six-year-old runs 10 miles in 10 days.

Aria after her seventh day running

The young runner said: "I am six-years-old and I often give food and hot drinks for homeless people I see on the street.

"I wanted to do something more to help so I am running for Oxford Gatehouse and will run 10miles in 10days."

After seeing one rough sleeper looking particularly ‘cold and miserable’ Aria told her mum, Debbie Hahn, she 'could not sleep' as she was worried about the individual.

The young girl said she wanted to donate all the money in her piggy-bank to a homeless support charity.

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The piggy-bank money amounted to £4.50 so Mrs Hahn suggested Aria did something which would have 'more of an impact'.

Aria then wrote to The Gatehouse charity offering to complete a solo sponsored run of ten miles over ten consecutive days.

Within the letter, the six-year-old also included a drawing of her running around the city.

Oxford Mail: Aria Hahn running. Six-year-old runs 10 miles in 10 days. Aria Hahn running. Six-year-old runs 10 miles in 10 days.

Aria's picture of her running

The Gatehouse has been supporting Oxford’s homeless and vulnerably-housed community since 1988 and operates out of a centre in Woodstock Road, Oxford.

Throughout the pandemic, the charity has continued to offer a range of services.

These include a takeaway café for rough sleepers, a home delivery service of food and one-to-one targeted support for individual guests on issues including health, addictions, housing and financial matters.

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Mrs Hahn said: "We are incredibly proud of Aria not only for her desire to do what she can to help the homeless people she’s seen in Oxford, but also for her enthusiasm and commitment to see through her daily challenge with a big smile and so much energy."

On her Just Giving page, where people can sponsor Aria's running, the St Aloysius pupil said: "I have a little brother called Leon who is 15 months old. He is too little to run so I'm running for both of us."

The donation page also shows updates on Aria's run.

Yesterday, Aria wrote: "Today was Day 7. A fun one but it was wet and windy. It's getting a little tiring now but I will keep going."

Aria now has over 100 supporters that have donated to her Just Giving site.

David Kay, the fundraising organiser for The Gatehouse, said: “It is always wonderful when somebody comes forward to help us raise funds, but Aria really is a youngster with more than average get up and go.

“As soon as I saw her letter and the great drawing of her running I knew that she was really serious.

“We provided her with some information to help organise this event, but 99 per cent of it has been down to her.” You can help Aria raise funds for The Gatehouse by visiting www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ariahahn

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