Boris Johnson was under pressure on Monday to extend the £20-a-week increase of benefits which is set to be scrapped in April.

In March, the government increased the standard allowance in Universal Credit and the basic element in Working Tax Credit by £20-a-week for one year.

This meant that one single person aged 25 or over, claiming Universal Credit would get £409.89 a month instead of £317.82. However, this is planned to stop in April.

This could mean that 16,000 people in Oxfordshire will be £1,000 worse off a year.

We asked you what you thought about the plans to scrap the extra Universal Credit and this is what you said.

Ann Radnidge: “The money is not going to sit in a bank account, it will be spent in various businesses.

“In my opinion it works better than Eat Out to Help Out.”

Juli King: “Furlough is still being paid. So should increased Universal Credit.”

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Pauline Grimes: “I think it should stop because all the other people on different benefits are getting no extra money.

“People who are sick or unable to work due to health problems only get their normal money, but we are struggling as well, it should be fair.”

Marie Ingram: “Perhaps all the key workers wages should be put up.”

Neil Westgate:”NHS staff are not the only frontline workers who put themselves at risk.

“There are a lot of workers who’s job was not a high risk until Covid-19 came along.

“I guess it is more down to wanting to make a difference in somebody’s life. These people should be rewarded.”

Dale Andrew Rainbow: “Is this for people on full benefit who were not working anyway? I do not see why they should get more if that is the case.”

Naomi Lanighan: “About 40 per cent of people on Universal Credit are working from what I can recall from the latest figures.

“I know some people who work incredibly hard and have long hours still need Universal Credit to survive.”

Debbie Julie Moggridge: “It was only for a year so should be stopped .

“Trouble is people want more and are greedy. They must realise it was for one year.”

Sally Snapper: “It was always for a limited amount of time.”

Matt Paradise: “The continually delayed actions by the government has consistently failed to keep infections down following the summer.

“However, none of that is relevant in this situation as once again the government is dragging their heels on a decision that needs to be made.”

Steve Hill: “I think it should apply only to leave voters because they are the root cause of the problem.”

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Vikki Davies-Smith: “Is the pandemic over? Sorry did I miss something? Is that not why they were given extra?”

Angela Care-Slade: “Furlough still being paid so should Universal credit.”

Debbie Payne: “It does not matter what the public think, we are never taken into account.”

Xmassleigh, who was writing under a pseudonym commented and said: “The system is broken. There are married people with children who own property which they let to the public, and live with their parents and brothers/ sisters.

“They rely on their siblings to pay the bills whilst they earn below a certain threshold, so they are entitled to extras. This ‘extra’ is saved.

“The system should be based on individual household circumstances because you cannot apply one eligibility criteria to everyone income because there are people who really need it, and then there are some who play the system. This whole system needs a revamp, just like the MPs expenses fiasco did.”

Stdape, also writing under a pseudonym said: “Disgusting, as if people are not struggling already. How about cutting pay for the already wealthy, and even the class divide.”

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