ACTOR Laurence Fox has sparked controversy online as he shared a photo of himself wearing a mask exemption badge he ordered on Amazon.

Twitter users criticised the online retailer for the 'irresponsible' sale of the badges after the 42-year-old political activist flashed a picture of himself with his new purchase, which read 'I am exempt from wearing a face covering'.

In a post on Twitter he revealed he bough the badge after a 'consultation' with himself.

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Here is what people in Oxfordshire had to say about this:

Kevin West: "I have an exemption on face masks for work due to not being able to wear one for an extensive length of time, however, I will use a mask when popping in and out of shops. I have a lanyard indicating that I have an exemption, and got one once I received a letter verifying of my exemption. I purchased mine through the hidden disability scheme website, and did not cost as much as they do on Amazon or eBay. These listings are scamming money out of people, which is just as bad as people scamming the system."

Robyn Reade: "A comment I heard from someone in one if the offices I clean is 'You lot take this Covid thing too seriously. I just brought an exemption lanyard from Amazon, sod wearing a mask'. It makes my blood boil.

Susan Leake: "I suffer from claustrophobia so I hate having my face covered but I do wear a mask in shops and around stalls. Exemption badges can be simply printed off the Government website – they are totally meaningless."

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David Cameron-Young: "This is completely open to abuse. All exemption cards should be issued by health professionals, otherwise we will have 67 million people buy these cards."

Sarah Hunter: "The problem is that there are a small minority who find masks difficult. For example, rape victims who were either attacked by someone in a mask or made to wear one themselves during an attack. I appreciate this is a minority but there are valid reasons and people should not necessarily be vilified if they cannot cope wearing one. Laurence Fox is best ignored and Amazon should not be selling these items.."

Angela Spiby: "The majority of people who do not wear them have nothing wrong with them . They are making people who are exempt look bad because nobody will believe them. Most people I know who are exempt wear them anyway."

Jose Rodrigues: "No one should be exempt. If you cannot wear a mask simply stay home and do your shopping online."

Jax Saunders: "I understand there are some who cannot wear masks, but I do not understand why more people are not wearing face shields. Surely anything is better than nothing?"

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Kerry China-Lee: "I think you should only be able to get one from the doctors as people who just cannot be bothered will buy these."

Adrian Peach: "I personally feel that if people are truly exempt that is one thing, but if anyone can just order these and cannot be challenged then it makes a mockery of all of us who follow the rules to protect everyone else. Also even if someone is exempt they should think if it is really a problem to wear it for them, this can only be an individual’s decision. Does the benefit it would give you and others does this out way the negatives, which would be worse for you wearing a mask for limited periods of time or getting Covid-19 for weeks and maybe having lasting symptoms for longer."

Mark Rogers: "Amazing you can buy one of these and wear them , but not a mask."

Ray Marshall: "You cannot get them from the doctors as its not their job. If people have a badge, you should respect it as it often causes them anxiety if you query it."

Gail Bratley: "I get that there are people who physically find it difficult to wear a face covering. However, a mask exemption is just that. They do not have to wear a mask. Covid-19 does not know what an exemption is. So wearing a lanyard is no protection at all from this virus. If you are unable to wear a covering, avoid people."