NATIONAL lockdown restrictions have sparked a number of demands from angry university students about slashed tuition fees and urgent rent refunds.

Oxford Brookes Student Union published a list of six demands after a consultation with its members and encouraged students to lobby their MPs for help to put pressure on the Government.

The list includes reduction of fees from £9,250 to £3,000, 50 per cent rent refunds for all Oxford Brookes students who live in halls or private landlords.

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Other requests include deadline extensions on dissertations and course work, increased wellbeing provision and better support for healthcare students and those on placements during the Covid-19 crisis.

Oxford Brookes has already agreed to offer a four-week 50 per cent refund on rent, so the next big win for the SU would be a reduction on tuition fees.

This is part of nationwide movement alongside a petition signed by more than half a million people to help students through their studies.

A spokesperson from Oxford Brookes commented: "We are currently considering a number of approaches and interventions to ensure all students are supported through their studies for the remainder of the academic year."