IT'S funny the things that snap you out of the corona-trance and remind you just how extraordinary this whole situation has become.

Yesterday, for example, the head of public health in Oxfordshire issued a press release telling people not to go outside, but to stay at home.

It goes without saying that a year ago, that would have been literally unbelievable, and yet yesterday, it almost felt like the obvious thing to say.

However some other stories suddenly reminded us of the dystopia we are living in now.

For example, the story in which the Liberal Democrats say they don't think people should spy on their neighbours and report them to the authorities for breaking rules like a George Orwell novel, with the Green Party disagreeing.

Or the story about villagers in West Oxfordshire telling people to stop coming and walking their dogs because they'll bring the plague with them, and the folk of Witney responding by saying 'well you should stop coming over here to go shopping then!'

Then again, it's the little things that count in life, isn't it?

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