JEREMY Clarkson paid a visit to an Oxfordshire vaccine hub in an effort to get more people volunteering across the country.

Mr Clarkson visited the Windrush Medical Practice in Witney to promote The Sun newspaper’s Jabs Army.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “Everyone is saying how bored they are. They’ve watched Netflix, gone through everything on the internet, read Google.

“Well let’s not be bored — let’s get off our bottoms and volunteer.

“It’s a chance to have a bit of a laugh with the people waiting to be vaccinated. Everyone is capable of helping.”

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Speaking about the Windrush, the former Top Gear star said: “It’s a small centre but even there they need 50 volunteers to keep things going throughout the week.

“That shows how many volunteers you need across the country to make it work.

“To be involved in solving the biggest crisis we’ve seen since 1939 is so important.”

Mr Clarkson recently had coronavirus himself.

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