Over the past weekend (January 9/10) Botley Medical Centre vaccinated over 1,000 patients for Covid 19, including a 103-year-old.

Staff and volunteers gave up their weekend not only to deliver the vaccine but admin staff processed forms and phoned patients to ask them to attend for vaccinations.

A real feat given the volume of patients and the short time they had to do this: just a few days.

The practice and the Botley/ Kennington Patient Participation Group had a huge response to a call for volunteers to act as Marshals both inside and outside the practice.

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They were helping with car parking, supporting those in wheelchairs and many patients needing help to get from car to practice.

Over 40 people have signed up to be volunteer drivers both in Kennington and Botley and nearly 20 were in action over the weekend.

It was a genuine team effort from the medical centre and the communities in Botley and Kennington and beyond.

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A big thank you to everyone involved.

Sylvia Buckingham