A FRUSTRATED and demoralised Oxford ICU nurse working on the pandemic frontline shared a letter which appeared in the Oxford Mail this week saying England has ‘failed’ NHS workers by not doing more to prevent the spread of Covid.

This is what our readers had to say on Facebook;

Beth Langdon: “Every single NHS worker, carer, transport worker and (most) supermarket colleague wear a mask eight-14 hours a day so why can’t you wear one for the one time a week you go food shopping?

"It is not that hard. Stay at home. Watch TV. Teach your kids. Bake banana bread. Let us do our jobs.”

Steve Hill: “My heart goes out to her, and every other person in the NHS trying to keep us alive.

“But I would say this: do not judge “England” by the people out every day breaking the rules. They are a small minority.

"Most of us are trying to do our best and observe the lockdown requirements.

"You may well choose to judge the complete ineptitude of Boris Johnson though, which has killed tens of thousands of people, and will continue to do so in future.”

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Lee Buckingham: “Indeed. The public have let our NHS down through their selfishness. Inability to exercise common sense, decency and intelligence. Inability to follow the simple instructions.

“The continued want to blame others for their own short comings. We love and are proud of our NHS. But jeez people. Give them a break.

“Think of others. Hands. Face. Space. Stay at home as much as you can.”

Emma Burgess: “This is not Lockdown it’s more Tier 3, even our local picture framers was open! Streets are too busy, it’s ridiculous.”

Keri Stephenson-Pledge: “Stay home. Wash hands. Give people space (two metre distance). Essential shopping trips only. Wear a mask when making an essential trip.

"How hard is it for the British public to follow these simple steps? It is not the government’s fault the the British public seem unable to follow these simple rules!

"The British public should be following them in order to protect themselves if not anyone else.

"Yes the government should start making sure the rules are being enforced because clearly the British public is unable or do not want to protect themselves but quite frankly it is not the government’s job to teach British people common sense!"

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Vikki Davies-Smith: "Some public have let the NHS down yes....but let’s face it, the majority of people have done as they're told, it’s been underfunded and under staffed for years, the NHS isn’t fit for purpose nor because of staff, it’s because the government would rather have their own pay rise than pay the nhs staff the wage they deserve!

“Look at how much was spent on the nightingale hospitals!!! Were they used nope, and now when we need them, the government say they don’t have staff for them? why build them then, why wasn’t that money pumped into the NHS instead?

“Why wasn’t all people coming into this country from day one tested for Covid? because again government are too lazy and expect people to comply to quarantine for two weeks and most didn’t !!

"And the majority of people who did comply are having the finger pointed at. Yet once again do you see any of those in number 10 wearing masks inside that building at any of the briefings ? "Nope then we are told to stay local yet where was Boris yesterday in Bristol? The government need to held accountable as well as rule breaker’s!!!"

Vânia Barroso: "Just leaving this out here ... Lockdown means for us all , extraordinary measures that are required to contain the population, how hard is it to understand that you are not suppose to go out and about as you please, like you did before?

"How many more months will it take until EVERYONE will manage to acknowledge this effectively, another 12? Funnily enough people always decide that being selfish is the way or no way , even if this means deaths as an outcome!"

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