Geeks from across Oxfordshire to as far as America will be uniting online for a roleplaying and gaming convention.

Tales from Dreaming Spires is a non-profit roleplaying and gaming event in Oxford.

It had its inaugural event in January 2020 at East Oxford Community Centre, but due to the pandemic this year it will all be taking place online for free with the chance to donate to Homelessness Oxfordshire.

Coronavirus has not stopped Oxford’s geeks from gaming and event organiser Stephen Dowling, wants to continue to make an event by gamers for gamers and lift people’s spirits.

Mr Dowling launched the annual event in 2020 because there was not anything like it in Oxford despite it being home to plenty of geeks.

Just before last year’s event Mr Dowling said: “In Oxford there is quite a big community because of the universities, and it seems a bit of a nerdy or geeky thing, which used to be an insult and now I think it is a complement. It’s incredibly inclusive we have all walks of life of gamers.”

This year’s event will be taking place online and Mr Dowling admitted that it has been a challenge, however by hosting the event online, people from across the UK and even America can join in not just people from Oxfordshire.

Gamers will be viewing, contributing, offering workshops, sharing tips and advice as well as playing games.

A chat room function will also allow people to discuss the intricacies of their games even though they are not in the same room.

There will be a ‘games master’s workshop’ and sessions on how to create and enhance games, such as how to make games better by using music.

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Live Action Role Play is one area of gaming which has had to be put on hold during the pandemic.

However, instead of dressing up and doing role play in person there will be workshops showing gamers how to make props.

Neil Eddiford is a historical interpreter who will be attending the event, he teaches in schools and is part of a medieval display group.

Last year Mr Eddiford gave gamers a chance to hold medieval weapons and equipment and this year he will be doing an online workshop about combat.

There will also be an opportunity to get involved and play games such as old school Dungeons and Dragons, medieval kingdoms, mystery, horror, and a sci-fi themed role play.

Authors of tabletop role playing games such as ‘Ministry of Extramundane Affairs’ will be running games to play and advice workshops on how to run games for other people.

Event organiser Mr Dowling is calling on people who want to host a board game, wargame or run a session get in contact with us.

The event is free with the opportunity to donate to Homelessness Oxfordshire. Donations from last year’s event raised more than £200 for Homeless Oxfordshire. Last year’s event was just for one day and this year it will be online for Saturday and Sunday February 20 and 21. To register for tickets visit

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