AN Oxford GP has spoken out about his first day administering the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine to the elderly.

Reported in The Guardian, Dr Joe McManners from The Manor Surgery described fears and excitement of over 80s receiving their first jab before Christmas.

He said patients were happy with how organised and quick the process was.

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The doctor said: "As they exited, volunteers in hi-vis vests met the patients with big smiles: 'How was that?' To which the answer was universally effusive: 'Wonderful, love'; 'Very efficient'; 'Better than the army'."

At the end of the day everyone was 'happy and relieved' and Dr McManners said the day had gone 'efficiently, without any hiccups'.

The 15-minute observation time - which is held after each jab in the rare case of a serious allergy - gave people the chance to say a socially-distanced hello to an old friend.

One lady was apprehensive about the vaccine after having an allergic reaction to penicillin in 1950, but Dr McManners decided that by having the injection, the ' benefits were a lot greater than the risks' such as being able to see her granddaughter again.

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