CLAP for carers is set to return tonight under a new name of Clap for Heroes.

The weekly applause for frontline NHS and key workers ran for 10 weeks in the first lockdown in March.

Annemarie Plas, who came up with the idea, tweeted that the tradition would be returning for the third lockdown, saying: “I hope it can lift the spirit, of all of us. Carers teacher, home-schooling parents, those who shield and all who is pushing through this difficult time! Please join and share #Clapforheroes.”

The once ‘spontaneous idea’ quickly became a weekly tradition with millions of people, including the Royals, gathering outside their front doors, in gardens and on pavements to show support for people working in the pandemic.

So, we asked our readers on Facebook if they would be joining in and making some noise.

An overwhelming amount of people said they would be staying inside ‘out of the cold’ and urging MPs to increase the pay of frontline workers instead.

JOAN MCMINN: “NO! It was wonderful the first time around, raised morale and gave all frontline keyworkers support and encouragement. All the hardworking NHS workers want now is for everybody to stay inside and adhere to the latest guidelines, stay safe everybody.”

ALEX LICHE: “I am a nurse and I would appreciate it if you could stay indoors and look after yourselves instead of clapping. Thank you everyone and stay safe.”

BEN MOODY: “I Think we should be clapping for delivery drivers as well as they’ve done such amazing work over lockdowns.”

EMMA FIRTH: “I think the medics would rather everyone just followed the rules and stopped the transmission of the virus rather than clapping right now.”

DANIEL HASTON ACEVEDO: “I’ll clap when the nurses get a pay rise. I’ll clap when their staffing levels improve to deal with all patients, covd and non-covid. The claps were nothing more than a virtue signal.”

LIZ AXFORD: “It was a nice gesture that appeared to bring communities together when first done. But the best thing we can do is respect what they ask us to do and be careful to try and reduce the pressure on the NHS.”

STU ELVIN: “No, it’s too bloody cold to be stood outside at 8pm when I’m battling the kids to go to bed. However, I do appreciate all the hard work and sacrifice the NHS has made over the last year.”

But others disagreed and said they would be joining their neighbours to clap for the heroes.

GLUNIS SOPER: “I will be very happy to clap for carers. To spend a few minutes thinking about those who are working so hard under so much pressure is good. Hopefully stops me from being cynical or self-centred and if it encourages just one of them it is worth it.”

STACEY TOTTMAN: “What a nice idea to do it all over again. Just showing appreciation at our door step. You could see how much it meant to those who have been working so hard through this tough time. I will clap even if people won’t because it’s the small tings that make a huge difference to those who deserve it.”