ALL new residential roads in Oxfordshire could have a 20mph speed limit.

That is the commitment made by the county council this month.

And on top of that, the speed limit on other roads in 'built-up' areas around Oxfordshire could also be reduced to 20mph.

The default speed limit on many roads in such areas is usually 30mph at the moment.

County councillors unanimously supported the proposals to lower the speed limit on roads in built up areas to 20mph when they met on December 8.

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The proposal, by Green county councillor Pete Sudbury, called on the council to follow the example of the Government, which backed calls from a UN conference to increase road safety in February.

Dr Sudbury's motion said: "Currently, 20mph limits are only put in place where average speeds are already at relatively safe levels (24mph).

"This is perverse and sends the wrong message to drivers about the dangers of speeding. Evidence says that simply introducing 20mph limits disproportionately slows those driving the fastest.

"This County Council supports the premise that 20mph is the optimum speed limit in built-up areas."

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It then called on the council to support the limit's introduction on all new roads in built-up areas and to find ways to support speed being reduced on existing roads.

Councillors of all political parties shared stories of accidents involving speeding cars, and backed the decision unanimously.

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