POLICE have revealed the website you can use to see if scammers have your details.

In an alert online, Thames Valley Police said: “Please could everyone check this website, it will take seconds and hopefully you will all be safe.”

The website, Haveibeenpwned.com, lets people check if their email account or phone number has been compromised in a known data breach.

If it has, a red box will appear with more information on what to do next.

If it has not, a green box will appear prompting users to sign up to a password generating website called 1Password.

Oxford Mail:

The website, which claims to have identified more than 10million hacked accounts, also urges people to ‘support them’ by donating in Bitcoin.

Oxford Mail:

People signed up to the alert system were concerned that the website could be a scam.

In a second message, the force wrote: “I am pleased that several have queried the website that I have sent and are scam aware. The website was given to me by a TVP Police Security Adviser.”