OX100 is a business accelerator programme launched this week with the aim of growing the Oxfordshire economy by £10m.

The Oxford-based initiative is designed to support up to 100 SMEs, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to bounce back from Covid-19 and grow.

Founded by Matt Williams, MD of Oxford digital accountancy practice Cypher and Andrew Garland an Oxfordshire business coach, OX100 has bold ambitions.

Mr Williams said: “Our mission is to help support local economic development by accelerating business growth through a culture of innovation, resilience and transformation.

“There are many fantastic businesses in Oxfordshire, but it can be challenging growing them without support.

“Additionally, Covid-19 has created additional challenges for many business owners.

“As firm believers of supporting each other within the Oxfordshire business community we wanted to create a structure to help drive growth.

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“OX100 has been created to help 100 businesses grow in 2021 and help our economy reignite.”

OX100 offers a 12-month programme of business support across next year offering firms business coaching, financial advisers, guidance and training to support growth.

Based on the Oxford Business Park,it is available for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups and SMEs through to established companies looking to upscale.

Mr Garland, who has more than 30 years’ business growth experience, said: “We have structured a programme that is designed to support businesses grow, which overtime will have a significant positive impact on the Oxfordshire economy.

“We are aiming to help 100 businesses double in size by 2025 and become more sustainable, it is an exciting proposition and we’re looking forward to it.”

Mr Williams and Mr Garland formed the idea for OX100 while discussing how to improve the level of support available to businesses in Oxfordshire.

Oxford Mail:

Matt Williams and Andrew Garland

“At Cypher we help businesses grow daily and Andrew does the same via his coaching practice,” said Mr Williams.

“But we felt businesses would benefit from a programme that combined various areas of support into one service.

“And that is when we developed the idea. We’re both passionate about helping businesses and by creating a strong structure we can really make a difference.

“OX100 has been set up to provide access to support that many would probably not have the budget for.

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“It provides access to a wide range of professional support.”

Mr Garland added: “There is so much potential for growth within the Oxfordshire economy and by providing a strong support network we believe we can help realise significant growth.

“Collectively it will create a strong positive impact on the local economy.”

In addition to access to business growth counsel members of OX100 will also be provided with financial, sales and marketing support.

Each member will have a structured monthly meeting and access to masterclasses and networking events.

“OX100 will help expand business owners’ mindsets and competencies and expand their connections,” said Mr Williams.

He added: “It is invaluable for start-ups but it is also suitable for established businesses looking to grow.

“The programme will provide people with structure and focus and ensure business owners and leaders are given the support they need.”

OX100 has already had a positive impact in Oxfordshire.

“We’ve had a great reaction to OX100 and already received some fantastic applications,” said Mr Garland.

“It has been a challenging year and while we are not yet through the pandemic, there are encouraging signs in our local economy. There is a huge resolve within the Oxfordshire business community to come out of 2020 and progress.”

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The website says: “Not just for start-ups and side-hustles, the OX100 Business Accelerator Programme works with mature businesses seeking to grow and develop in their markets. The 12-month programme is designed to help Oxfordshire business owners grow and succeed by providing low-cost coaching, expertise and access to financial, sales, marketing and business growth experts. For £100 a month you will join a programme that consists of multiple, interdependent pieces that all designed to accelerate business growth and development.”

The programme is open for applications now via ox100.co.uk.