A LEADING animal welfare charity has called on Oxford City Council to reject the controversial return of 'greedy' and 'cruel' greyhound racing to Oxford Stadium.

The League Against Cruel Sports wrote to the council in a bid to get councillors to find a way to block the comeback of the sport.

The move is part of the charity's campaign to end greyhound racing in the UK because of the cruelty associated with the industry.

According to the League, this leads to thousands of greyhounds being murdered or injured every year.

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Most recent figures released by the greyhound industry in July revealed that 710 dogs were killed or died as a result of races last year.

Even more, 4,970 animals were also injured.

This is why the charity urged the council to adopt a plan for the stadium that does not involve or support animal cruelty but instead helps the community.

Emily Lawrence, Oxford's regional campaign manager at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "It would be a backward step in animal welfare to reintroduce greyhound racing to the city of Oxford.

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"Noone wants to see the shattered limbs or broken backs that many greyhounds experience in their last moments."

Gruesome footage shared by the League show the kennels where the dogs are kept, which resemble the location of a horror film, with deep and long scratches on the concrete blocks that make the building.

The campaigners also pointed to the thousands of greyhounds that remain holed up in cramped kennels after their retirement and the greyhound industry's failure to find them homes.

Ms Lawrence added: "A growing number of people want to see greyhound racing phased out across the UK and some tracks have closed in recent years, so this move to bring the industry back to Oxford would be a retrograde step.

"The greyhound industry, which relies upon gambling to fund it, is putting profit and greed ahead of animal welfare.

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"It is an inherently cruel 'sport', which should be consigned to the history books, not embraced by councillors and developers."

Earlier this year, Oxford City Council agreed its 2036 Local Plan, which includes a policy to protect the site from being turned into housing.

However, the council refused to comment on its views on greyhound racing and whether it should be reintroduced in the city.

While the faith of the Oxford Stadium is still unknown as its current owner Galliard Homes continuously declines to comment on plans to buy the site, the animal charity urged the local authority to step into action immediately.

Last month, the developer declined to respond to questions relating to a bid of up to £25m for the Sandy Lane venue by businessman Nik Budimir, who wants to see greyhound racing, speedway and a dance school return to the stadium, while adding a boxing club and possibly a rugby sevens pitch.