ANONYMOUS artist Athirty4 well known for his satirical street art unveiled a new design to huge excitement.

People in Headington can spot the newest piece only if they look up – as the artist dressed trees with colourful Christmas kites.

They can be found on Stapleton Road, opposite the Jenner Institute where the Oxford AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine was created.

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In a much-discussed Twitter post published on Friday, Athirty4 wrote: "A kite metaphor for all you kite-metaphor enthusiasts. So paper thin; so vulnerable in this inclement climate."

All made out of Christmas gift wrapping paper, the kites carry messaged on their tales, which read 'The Covid-19 vaccine is a gust of hope that will help to free us from the trees'.

Many passers-by, who had spotted the new attributions to Stapleton Road, took to social media to congratulate Athirty4 for his poignant art pieces.

One Oxford resident Helen Miles commented: "I just discovered these, I love a bit of hope flying into life."

Oxford Mail: Athirty4 toilet paper installation in OxfordAthirty4 toilet paper installation in Oxford

But this is not the first time the street artist has surprised locals with his dark humour and timely installations and it was guaranteed for him to strike soon with the second lockdown just finished.

At the start of the Covid-19 crisis the artist poked fun at panic-buying shoppers, who had emptied supermarkets from essential goods.

At the time Athirty4 installed a roll of toilet paper titled 'Roll With the Herd' in the heart of the city.

A sign above the artwork positioned outside of Boots on Cornmarket Street said: "Panic-buying shoppers, please use this toilet facility should you need to go for a panic poo."