STUDENTS raised over £11,000 during a mammoth day of fundraising.

Pupils at St Helen & St Katharine, an all-girls private school in Abingdon, raised the money by walking laps of the school and making patterns with small change.

The day began with students and staff completing five sponsored laps of the school campus.

That was followed by the school’s traditional 2p race.

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Students collected small change and then competed to lay it out in words along the ground, ‘fight for young lives’, in a nod to the school charity.

All fundraising efforts will be donated to the school charity for the year, CLIC Sargent.

The charity was formed in 2005 and supports young people with cancer.

It does this by providing grants and free accommodation close to hospitals.

The school said the day was ‘a lively way of engaging students with fundraising and of bringing the whole school together in a communal activity’, adding that more fundraising activities are planned for the Christmas period and beyond.