A NEW Aldi could soon be coming to Abingdon.

The supermarket giant announced last week that is wants to open a new shop on Wootton Road.

The company has identified the site as a potential area to build the new store.

This is what our readers had to say about the proposal:

DENNIS STOCK: "Same as usual, nothing comes to Wantage apart from thousands of houses."

JON KOGEL: "It will just add to the nightmare traffic in Abingdon."

CYNTHIA SCRAGG: "I wish they would come to Thame."

JANE BUCKINGHAM: "So Abingdon will have both a Lidl and an Aldi? Or am I mistaken? That is madness."

MARGARET BROWN: "Bring it on."

TOM WOODLEY: "Brilliant, it is a yes for me for a Lidl and an Aldi."

VICKY GABLE: "I say yes."

MATTHEW ANDREW: "They are everywhere apart from Wantage and there all about the same distance from Wantage."

LISA NEWPORT: "Great news."

MARTINE BARNES: "Bye, bye Tesco."

ANDY HAYES: "Come to Wantage instead."

VANESSA BROWN: "Still waiting for a KFC in Abingdon."

TARA GREENAWAY: "Eyesore. I feel feel sorry for the One Stop and the houses opposite."

JULIA LITT: "Before you blindly agree to this, check where it will be built.

"This area is the main road out of Abingdon for much of the school traffic, those who work at Fairacres and is a mian access to the Southbound A34.

"We're about to have a massive Lidl opening, we have a massive Tesco, a big Waitrose, two Co-ops, a good size Budgens, two Tesco Express, One Stop and Londis.

"Not only is it surplus to requirements, it's directly opposite the site for 250 new homes.

"Abingdon is already famous for awful traffic and this will make it so much worse.

"We absolutely do not need it, but it has probably been decided anyway.

"What about the traffic congestion? 250 houses are being built right opposite and the ring road is already a disaster in rush hour."

NICK ROCKALL: "Yes, it is better than Tesco."

SCOTT SYPHAS: "What a dream."

CHARLOTTE KAVANAGH: "An actual dream. Who knew?"

LYNA SPRULES: "Yay, about time. At least we won't have to keep going to Botley or Didcot."

COURTNEY LOWE: "No way. This is mad. Could be a game changer, but also the traffic."

EILEEN BIRTLES: "Do we really need another supermarket, creating more food waste, how much food do we need, it is totally ridiculous."

ROBERT SMITH: "Considering they are going to build thousands of houses don't you think we need to expand the infrastructure too?

"If Carterton can have four supermarkets then why can't we?"

STEVEN VERGE MERCER: "Not where they are proposing to put it. It would be chaos."

DAVE PAXTON: "Planners underestimate the laziness of the average person.

"They would get in the car if the distance they had to walk was greater than five meters."

'GRANDMAKAREN': "I myself would love an Aldi in Abingdon.

"I always shop there as it's great value for money and I would not have to drive to Didcot.

"I am a pensioner and I know a lot of people would find this Aldi a great help.

"I hope they allow it as it is about time we had a store that does not rob us blind like Tesco."

'ABINGDON RESIDENT': "The more competition the better.

"Tesco in Abingdon is not cheap now.

"Some their prices are more than in Waitrose."

A petition has now been created to stop this new Aldi being built.

It says the new development would 'destroy our local environment' and 'will result in a loss of habitat'.

The petition at time of writing has 87 signatures.