A SOLO performance of Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol will be gracing the stage at the Wallingford Corn Exchange.

Leading and only actor, Guy Masterson is no stranger to the one-man performance, he has previously performed Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood, George Orwell's Animal Farm and Shakespeare's Shylock.

Mr Masterson said: "I'm ashamed to say that over 50 years of life, I had not seen or read Dickens' classic Christmas Carol in any of its forms - including the Muppets. Then, in 2016, Nick Hennegan of Maverick Theatre Company asked me to read it in front of 180 guests at the newly restored Fitzrovia Chapel in London and I was entirely enchanted - as they were.

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"I decided to commit it to memory and offer it as a new show in my particular physical storytelling style - playing all the characters myself. It really is a great story, and, in our commercial, consumerist society, a timeless reminder of what Christmas is really about."

The show is adapted and Directed by Nick Hennegan with original Music by Robb Williams.

A Christmas Carol will be performed at Wallingford Corn Exchange on Saturday December 12 at 7.45pm.