Recent much-needed work to resurface the badly damaged and worn Bury Knowle Park car park in Headington has resulted in the re-marking of the small number of car parking bays to be narrowed and reduced in number by two.

Worst of all though is the one disabled bay that has been moved so close to the a-joining parking bay as to make it totally impossible for a disabled driver/passenger to open the car door and exit after parking, certainly impossible with walking sticks or a chair.

Oxford Mail:

Bury Knowle Park

This is a very well used parking area for the library, children’s play-park and dog walkers so all bays are frequently filled.

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To be now able to use the disabled parking bay, the vehicle has to be half in the bay and half into the newly installed adjoining no parking hatched area, risking the blue badge holder a very highly probable car parking penalty for not parking in the appointed disabled space.

Has this been a mistake by the contractor or has our city council car parking department decided to start impeding the disabled car user?

Richard Anderson

Wood Farm Road