TWO more members of the Oxford branch of Extinction Rebellion are facing court charges for doing their 'duty' in protesting against a 'national scandal'.

Oxford residents Jessica Upton, 59, and Anne Taylor, 71, were amongst 21 activists who were charged under Section 241 of the Trade Union Act for preventing access to the HS2 construction site in the village of Maple Cross, Hertfordshire.

Ms Upton, who will appear in St Albans Magistrates' Court on Friday, commented on the group's campaigning efforts to stop the 'monstrous' railway project: "I am charged with preventing HS2 from working.

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"Last week HS2 tore down part of a memorial wood in Wendover, leaving bereaved people devastated.

"This week, in an obvious PR exercise to buy favour, HS2 announced a £75,000 grant for a school for new sport facilities.

"HS2 are building a railway with £250 a ticket to save 20 minutes from London to Birmingham, while our existing railway, which serves a far greater portion of the population, deteriorates.

"HS2 remains a huge environmental and financial cost to us all, plus a huge mental cost to those impacted along the route."

The 59-year-old also confirmed that she will continue with her campaigning against the controversial scheme, which is set to cost the taxpayer more than £100bn.

Her comrade in action and fellow XR member Ms Taylor also blasted the 'scandalous' project and added: "We need to do all that we can to protect our natural environment, it is a matter of urgency.

"And we need to do it now by stopping the HS2 project."