TWO ROADS have been closed in an Oxfordshire town this afternoon to allow hundreds of people to attend a 'traveller funeral'.

Roads surrounding the Spring Road Cemetery, Abingdon, have reportedly been cordoned off by police after over a hundred people were seen attending the cemetery. 

A resident in the area who was surprised by the scene sent several pictures of the funeral to the Oxford Mail.

Read the update here: Police tried to stop hundreds attending traveller funeral

Another resident, who works for the NHS, reportedly could not get out of their drive to go to work as trucks were blocking their driveway. 

Other residents have said that trucks were parked on their driveways.

Due to national coronavirus restrictions, mass gatherings are currently banned.

Under the Government's restrictions, only 30 people are currently allowed to attend a funeral, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

For other mourning ceremonies such a wake, stone setting, or sprinkling of someone's ashes, only 15 people can attend, whether this takes place indoors or outdoors. 

Funerals in the traveller community often have hundreds of people attending.

In 2013, more than 1,000 people attended one such funeral in Wantage

Thames Valley Police have been contacted for a statement.

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