Locals contacted the police after it was claimed a pub in Oxfordshire held a ‘lockdown session’ just days before the Covid restrictions were loosened.

The Pickled Ploughman pub in Adderbury, near Banbury, was criticised for being ‘irresponsible’ after a gathering in its premises on Saturday evening.

However, it was revealed the pub was simply holding a staff training session before its reopening and not a lock-in.

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We asked readers if you would report your local pub to the police if it had a lockdown drinking session, and this is what you said.

ANGELA KELLY: “I would call the police if the rules were being broken because people just won’t take this seriously.

“I’m a bus driver and one of my colleagues sadly died on Friday from Covid.”

“Why would you not report someone that is breaking the rules and putting you and your family at risk?”

“You are selfish to be putting other people at risk.”

ANGELA SPIBY: “People are too scared to say they would do the same.

“I personally wouldn’t but I have nothing against those who report it.

“Rules are rules for everyone.”

LISA CLAIRE: “No way. They are a small business too.

“They need to earn money to live like everyone and I would be in there having a double vodka and coke.”

STEVE BOWEN: “What a community – hope the landlord bars them all.”

TERRI PEARCE: “So the curtain twitchers couldn’t have got it more wrong.

“That’s one of the troubles with this pandemic it’s made ordinary people think they have the right to police everyone else.”

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LENS ZZRR: “Good. If nothing else this pandemic has displayed how stupid people are. Dob them in.”

ANDY MORRIS: “Should be strung up from the nearest lamppost. Nobody likes a snitch.”

JOHN PERCIVAL: “I’m pretty sure the pub is big enough to hold a staff meeting and follow social distancing rules.”

WARREN LEACH: “Nope I’m all for a good session.”

MARIE HENDERSON: “How mean I wouldn’t do that.”

LEWIS WALSH: “You always get one nosey parker.”

JAYNE PRIOR: “Not a chance.”

NIGEL MUFC RUSSELL: “Slimeballs got nothing better to do, keep your nose out.”

Some readers commented, using online pseudonyms, on the story on the Oxford Mail website.

ACCIDENTAL-GENIUS: “Don’t we all love nosey neighbours. I bet they will not get their Christmas drink anytime soon.”

TRUMP’S TEARS: “All rather sad, pathetic and a waste of police resources. Is this the type of society we have become? Not so Great Britain”

LARDVARK: “Saturday night is a peculiar time for a training session. I wonder if refreshments were provided.”

WITNEY GREEN: “What a horrible waste of police time and resources.”

MISSKITTYKAT: “A friend of mine is a landlord of a pub. He was in the pub garden with his family - when the police turned up. The family he lives with.

“Not making noise just having a family lunch and making the most of nice weather. Neighbours had reported them too. Ridiculous.”

JULIAN LEBAD: “Hello police, Id like to report some people not living in fear.”