A BUSINESS park has started looking out for birds as part of its second year taking part in a biodiversity scheme.

Howbery business park in Wallingford looked out for bumblebees in its first year of the biodiversity scheme.

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The business park completed the necessary criteria in October to earn its first petal of the Nurture Biodiversity Award.

Oxford Mail:

To enhance conditions for birds on the park and earn its next petal, Howbery will have to meet a set of objectives set by Nurture Landscapes (which maintains its grounds) in conjunction with the British Trust for Ornithology.

Oxford Mail:

The grounds team will be working on a set of initiatives that include adding more bird boxes, bird feeding and monitoring stations, and ensuring that there are plentiful berries and grains for birds to feed on in Howbery’s grounds.

Oxford Mail:

When Howbery completes this year’s objectives, the British Trust for Ornithology logo will be inscribed on the blank petal of a flower-shaped award, joining that of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Howbery will then pick another area of biodiversity to focus on for the following year, such as butterflies, insects, amphibians or wildflowers. There are six petals to complete in total.