WHEN lockdown ends on Wednesday, the whole of Oxfordshire will be put into the new tier 2.

This means that people will be able to meet up in groups of six outside, restaurants, hair-dressers and non-essential retail will reopen for the first time in a month and pubs will be made to serve alcohol with a ‘substantial meal’.

But what are you most looking forward to when the restrictions have eased?

We asked our readers on Facebook, here’s what you said:

MATT BULLOCK joked: “Start eating six substantial meals a day.”

BEN GRESHON agreed, adding: “My thinking exactly, Damn this ridiculous rule.”

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GAIL DE VILLIERS-SMITH said she was most looking forward to going back to the gym, ‘and getting a haircut’.

CORAL FAIRBROTHER also said she would be making the most of the beauty industry reopening, saying: “I shall get my hair cut and nails manicured as we are bound to be back in lockdown in January.”

MC NICOLE said she was ‘desperate’ to go out for a sit down meal at her favourite family pub.

CHRISTINE LUCAS MCRITCHIE also said she would be going out, saying: “Christmas shopping in all the small independent shops that are struggling.”

Those working in retail said they would be going back to work for the first time in a month.

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JANA GAJOSOVA HAJDUCHOVA said she will be going back to work in a shop which has been closed, adding: “Just need to make sure I have enough wine at home after every crazy shift when people will rock up ‘panic buying’.”

OXFORD MASSAGE AND BEAUTY said: “Get back to work! Missed my clients so much.”

SIFU DACE said: “Go back to teaching Wing Chun – need to use any opportunity to keep some sanity in my students and given them an opportunity to learn self-defence. As pandemics is creating more mental health issues, more people are becoming in danger to breakdown and cause harm to themselves or others. That’s why self-defence is needed more than ever to keep us physically and mentally strong.”

But others were confused about the new rules, comparing Tier 2 to a ‘third lockdown’.

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JOHN SLATER said: “It hasn’t ended when most of the country has been put into Tier 2. When most of this area was Tier 1 before lockdown.”

SUE PARSONS agreed, saying: “Lockdown hasn’t finished, and nothing has changed for me in any way.”

KIRSTIN GUNNING said: “Absolutely no idea as I really don’t have a clue what I’m meant to be doing on a daily basis.”

TOBY SILVERSTONE said: “Nothing different as we are still in the middle of a pandemic and people acting stupid will put us back into lockdown in January.”

CARLA BALFE joked about the loopholes in the new rules, saying: “Go to Bingo so I can see my family. Or sod it, gather 1,000 people and have a random concert.”

STEPH TOWNSEND said it was ‘hilarious’, adding: “At least if we go to bingo we can see family and friends.”