RESIDENTS are being warned about a scam email appearing to be from Royal Mail.

The message claims that Royal Mail had unsuccessfully delivered a letter and to redeliver the letter, a resident was asked to pay £1.99.

As the transaction was of low value, the resident deemed it not unreasonable and provided personal and card details for the payment.

However, the resident realised this was unwise and contacted the relevant fraud department, and cancelled all cards before any damage was done.

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A Thames Valley alert posted online read: “This is a classic example of how easily the scammers can take us off guard and persuade us to provide personal information that can have dramatic consequences.”

The alert urged residents to check the sender’s email address when any unexpected emails from banks and card or service providers are received.

Addresses are made to look genuine, however there may be a very minor difference such as an extra letter, number or full stop.