OXFORD Brookes University has revealed plans for new blocks to house hundreds of extra students.

The university is looking to build 500-600 extra rooms at its Clive Booth student village on John Garne Way in Headington.

The 'village' is already home to some 1,300 students, so this plan would result in at least 1,800 students living at the site.

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The new accommodation will house undergraduate students only and the university is aiming to submit its planning application to Oxford City Council in March next year.

Brookes has now said it is ‘welcoming views from the local community in advance of submitting a new planning application’.

The plans come after Brookes decided to sell its Wheatley campus to a housing developer and move all operations to Oxford.

The university claims the new plans will help ease the pressure on local housing supply in Oxford, by getting its students out of houses across the city.

It has also said that the redevelopment was needed to ‘modernise accommodation at the Clive Booth Student Village'.

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The partial redevelopment proposal includes removing the existing 11 blocks of accommodation and building 12 improved and modernised blocks.

The university said the plan would have benefits both for students and the local community.

One of the main benefits the university says the proposed redevelopment will have is that it will reduce pressure on private rental properties in the local area, as it would result in more students being housed in Headington Campus.

Brookes has said that by having more accommodation in closer proximity to the university campus, this will ‘encourage more students to walk or cycle’ and in turn ‘ease pressure on local bus services’.

Those students living in halls will not be permitted to park their own vehicles at the campus, so the university anticipates this redevelopment will ‘help reduce the number of cars in the city’.

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Brookes also added that the accommodation currently houses many students, including those who are training to be the county’s future nurses, paramedics and teachers.

Brendan Casey, registrar and chief operating officer of Oxford Brookes University, said: “The university is committed to providing high-quality student accommodation and easing pressure on local housing supply in Oxford.

“We’ve taken time to carefully review the concerns that were raised in our previous planning application and have revised our proposals to address these.

“We are now actively seeking input from local communities at this early stage to help shape our new plans.”

Local people are encouraged to give their views online at brookes.ac.uk/estates-development/clive-booth-student-village.

The university will also be holding two online consultation events on Wednesday 2 and Wednesday 9 for locals to ask questions.