AN Oxfordshire councillor has shared concerns about the cost EU nationals face for staying in the UK after Brexit is complete.

Alexandrine Kantor, the Liberal Democrat councillor for Wheatley on South Oxfordshire District Council became a dual UK-French citizen in order to remain in the UK after the country leaves.

Ms Kantor said her own application to become a British citizen had been relatively simple, but added she was worried that others in a less privileged position than hers may not be able to saddle the costs of the process.

She said: "I had a cover letter from my employer so I think it was straight forward, and I am lucky enough to be able to pay the £1,700 for citizenship."

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Ms Kantor said others may not find the fee so easy to pay, especially if they were part of a family.

The Lib Dem said she thought becoming a dual citizen of the EU and the UK after applying for settled status was a safer option than just applying for settled status alone, a process which allows European nationals to stay and work in the country after Brexit.

She has previously joined other Lib Dems in calling for settled status to be extended automatically to all EU citizens in the UK after Brexit to avoid them being deported.

The deadline for EU nationals living in the UK to apply for settled status is June 30, 2021.