On Saturday, the Oxford Mail published a story about cyclists and their experiences of life on the road.

The cycle campaign group Cyclox is well established and campaigns for greater investment for the cycling network in Oxford.

Chairwoman Dr Alison Hill said some drivers were still getting too close to cyclists and were failing to give them enough room as they passed

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Cyclists spoke of 'frightening' experiences where drivers go too fast. Sam Spinks who cycles in Abingdon said a driver knocked him off his bike and then asked him to pay for damaging the wing mirror.

The story was posted to Facebook on Tuesday and readers responded with a variety of views. Here is what some of you had to say:

ALEX DAVID ROGERS: "I cycled into Oxford for 10 years. I was knocked off my bike by a parent taking their kids to school who immediately admitted they were in a hurry and had not looked when pulling out. I saw at least two other people knocked down in similar circumstances.

" I also faced abuse for no reason other than for being on a bike and not in a car which can drive off.

"Yes, there are irresponsible cyclists but there are plenty of irresponsible, inattentive and downright stupid drivers out there. The difference is that they are behind the wheel of a tonne of metal."

ALICE STYLES: "When I cross Iffley Road to go and walk the dog, cars sometimes stop and let me cross but bikes would run me over before they stop. They are cycling so fast they would hardly be able to and undertaking the cars, they are so dangerous."

DONNA CLARKE: "As a new cyclist myself I have had no problems with cars, lorries or buses. My problem is the pedestrians and other cyclists. I was waiting at a red light today and another cyclist came past me and almost got run over by a bus because they did not stop for the lights."

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TREVOR KENDALL: "Do as they do in The Netherlands, make cyclists pay for insurance and a license."

MARK HUGHES: "I think some drivers are just idiots. I had my wing mirror in my van smashed and stopped the driver of a delivery van. He said it was not his fault. I said I have a camera on the van and recorded everything you did. I think all cyclist need to carry some sort of camera to stop all this going on."

SCIENCE GENT: "What about ‘Cyclist who slammed door on disabled man as he was getting out his car' or ‘Cyclist not using designated lane causes crash.’

"They are not all bad, but why is it legal for anyone to get on a piece of metal with two wheels and risk their life and others on the road with no training at all?"

CHRISTOPHER BENTON: "We hope the person is okay, being hit by two tons of metal usually costs in skin and bone. Wing mirrors can be replaced, people can't. Remember that, there's two ghost bikes in Oxford already, we don't need any more."

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SIMON NICHOLLS: "Should pay if you damaged his car? Might have knocked you off but you shouldn't be over taking on the inside."

AARON MARSH: "Cyclists can filter through traffic, just as motorcycles can. I agree, if the cyclist hit a cars mirror, they're in the wrong."

JOSHY BEADLE: "Overall I think the issue is some cyclists need some more revision of the Highway Code."

GORDON BRITTON: "Make cyclists pay insurance. They want to share the road let them pay like car owners do."

HAMASQ AYUB: "For pro cyclist and pure cyclist using bicycle lane is a great embarrassment."

AMELIA PLEDGE: "Can we share stories about cyclists on the road at night, wearing all dark clothing, no lights and no helmet?"

CHRISTOPHER BENTON: "It's illegal to ride on the pavement, it's nice to see kids learning on the school run home though. Bikes can use the road, so vehicles are going to have to learn to share safely. Own a car, not the road."