A WOMAN who 'recklessly' set fire to her council house home after lighting up a hairspray has been jailed.

During the incident neighbours said they heard a 'big explosion' before the blaze tore through the Oxford house.

That fire, which caused tens of thousands of pounds of damage and put lives at risk, came just six months after a separate incident of arson.

Alice Robinson went on trial at Oxford Crown Court and was found guilty in August of one count of arson reckless as to whether life was endangered.

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The 28-year-old of Aldrich Road in Sunnymead, north Oxford, was cleared by the jury of another count of arson with intent to endanger life.

She had already admitted another count of arson relating to a separate fire at a different Oxford address.

That fire took place at Kent Close, Oxford, on June 22 last year, and prosecutors said the damage cost of that fire totalled some £50,000.

Outlining the case of the second fire Steven Talbot Hadley, prosecuting, said during the trial that the arson took place on Aldrich Road, Oxford, on the night of December 3 last year.

An eye-witness said that Robinson began 'lighting' deodorant and a hair spray while in her first floor bedsit.

Another witness said they went on to hear a 'big explosion' from the first floor window.

Four fire crews attended the blaze at the home and investigators went on to assess the scene.

One witness who took to the witness box, Robert Speakman from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, said the most likely cause of the blaze was 'deliberate ignition.'

After being found guilty she was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court today.

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At the hearing it was revealed that Robinson had a string of previous convictions, made up of 20 past crimes, including for violent offences.

In mitigation Alisdair Smith, defending, said that his client had a background of 'alcohol and substance abuse.'

He said the first fire was 'a spontaneous decision' and that his client 'has no recollection' of starting the second fire.

Sentencing, Judge Nigel Daly ordered that Robinson serve a 10-year jail term, as well as an additional four-year extended sentence on licence. She must also pay a victim surcharge.