Written by Issy Kenney-Herbert

STUDENTS gathered at the Radcliffe Camera to honour Transgender Day of Remembrance.

The memorial took place at 6am on Friday, remembering the 242 transgender and gender nonconforming individuals who have been murdered worldwide in 2020.

A further 108 people known to have suffered the same fate are unnamed.

Elliot Brooke, one of the organisers, told student newspaper Cherwell: “There was something cathartic, healing and empowering about putting something together that was going to get people’s attention for a community that is often ignored and forgotten.”

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Another organiser, River Deng, added: “This memorial also represents that there are people who care, trans love is the most important thing to me.

“Out of all this grief and loss our community suffers and will suffer, no matter what, people will come together to love each other.”

Attached to the railings of the Radcliffe Camera was a trans flag with the words ‘We Will Not Be Erased’.

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A statement at the memorial read: “Unfortunately, we must recognise that the true number is likely far greater than 350, as often the death of many transgender and gender nonconforming individuals goes unreported.

“In addition, this number does not include trans individuals who may have taken their own lives as a result of the transphobia they face from a society in which prejudice against them is still very much ingrained.”

According to the magazine Time, this year saw a six per cent increase in reported murders compared to 2019.