DRAMATIC TV footage shows staff from South Central Ambulance Service treating a cyclist who was left with a broken back after she was run over by a minibus.

The incident happened in Kidlington, near Oxford and the footage, which was filmed earlier this year, features in Inside The Ambulance: Coast and Country, a new programme on the W Channel.

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Paramedic Tom Szymanryk and emergency care assistant Ellis Mead were called to help 28-year-old Julie-Ann who was still lying in the road, surrounded by concerned passers-by.

Julie-Ann crashed her bike into the back of a van, fell over and was then run over by a minibus, which went over her chest leaving her with pain in her back.

Mr Szymanryk and Mr Mead were so concerned that she could have serious internal injuries and spinal damage that they called for help from the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS).

Julie-Ann works as a radiographer at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford, just around the corner from the ambulance service station.

Her medical training meant that she was able to identify the exact parts of her spine that were most painful.

Along with colleagues based in Portsmouth, the Oxford ambulance crews were filmed during an eight-week period at the start of 2020, finishing in early March as the coronavirus outbreak escalated.

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The show gives viewers a unique perspective of life on the emergency services frontline by using body-worn cameras and cameras mounted on and in the ambulance which capture everything the ambulance crew come across while on shift.

Over the course of eight weeks, the cameras followed 56 shifts completed by 36 frontline staff based at the SCAS Oxford City Resource Centre on the Churchill Hospital site.

Their response to Julie-Ann's incident will be shown tonight at 8pm.