YESTERDAY, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that England will face tiered coronavirus restrictions until the end of March 2021.

Nationwide lockdown restrictions will end of December 2, but more parts of England are expected to be placed into higher tiers than they were before the national restrictions were imposed.

The Prime Minister also said that the new tiers would be tougher than before the lockdown, after the Government’s scientific advisors said the previous system did not do enough to tackle the virus.

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Here’s what our readers had to say when asked whether they believed the Tier system would be more effective than a total shutdown?

SIMON NICHOLLS: “They need to do a second lockdown.”

PAUL MCGINN: “The infection rates prove lockdowns are more effective than any variant of the tier system, however, they damage the economy.”

MATTHEW JONES: “If he had put the first lockdown in place when he heard about the virus then we wouldn’t be in this situation. So, if you want to blame anyone, blame the Prime Minister.”

GIORGOS KOUTSOGIANNIS: “Do we have a lockdown now? Have you been out in Oxford’s centre? Just pubs and small shops are forced into closing nothing more.

“If we have a lockdown in Christmas I would not be surprised.”

JEAN HERRON: “People have been asked to only go out if they have to, but people do what they want.”

CHRISTINA OWEN: “Of course not. Also, whilst travelling to other countries is allowed it’s just going to keep going round.”

ANGIE PAINTING: “No one is listening, no one cares until its too late, you would never think we have had any lockdown.

“I wouldn’t blame Boris; he has set rules, and no one is sticking to them.

“He can’t seem to please anyone with anything.”

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JAMES TAYLOR: “The first [lockdown] hence the infection went down, the problem was the government’s decision once we came out.

“Letting people go abroad and come into the country, letting people drive down to the seaside, letting students go to university when they can learn from home.”

STEVE JONES: “What should or should not have done and blaming people won’t change a single thing. Time to move on.”

AMANDA ATTWOOD: “Lockdowns suppress the figures until people move about.

“We have to find a way to live with this virus and cannot keep shutting people away based on a hugely flawed PCR test that was never designed to be used in that way.

“Even without the effect on the economy, the impact on mental well-being by asking people long term not to interact is more frightening to me than the virus.”

JAMES CHERRILL: “We are all in the same boat, I dread to think what this generation would have done during the war.”

PERRY HOLT: “This is his [Boris Johnson’s] problem, he’s trying to hard to get people to like him.

“He’s not trying his best with what he’s been told, SAGE told him to lockdown, he dithered and delayed, they told him again to lockdown and he dithered and delayed.”

MARC FARRELL: “We are not all in the same boat, no some people are able to go work from the house which is great and mean they can keep earning a living, however, a lot of people in the hospitality sectors especially in hotels have now lost their jobs because of this pandemic and going through more lockdowns only makes thing worse and doesn’t seem to make a difference on the long term.”

MICHAEL TAYLOR: “Unless the Government publish the data, what we ‘think is irrelevant. We could ‘know’ it, they choose to keep us ignorant.”

VICTORIA ANN: "I wish things would just get back to normal, I miss everything that I used to take for granted."

What tier local areas will fall into is expected to be announced on Thursday evening.

Mr Johnson said in his speech to the House of Commons that coronavirus infection rates are flattening off across England as a result of the second lockdown.