WHEN lockdown ends on December 2 the country will be placed back into a system of regional tiered restrictions - but should Oxford return to Tier 2? 

New government rules mean that those living in Tier 2 cannot meet anybody outside of their buddle indoors and only six people outside. 

Shops, gyms and hairdressers will open but pubs and bars must close unless they are operating as a restaurant. 

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We also asked our readers on Facebook if the city should go back into Tier 2 next Wednesday. 

Here's what you said: 

Toby Woods said: "Seeing as Oxford has just had the biggest week on week falling of cases in the country I would just hope for Tier 1." 

Kelle Marie agreed, saying: "At the rate of college and uni students as per numbers advertised in the Oxford Mail...dropping like flies. I think yes!" 

Wayne Harris also said Oxford should be on the lowest restrictions, explaining: "Otherwise most pubs and other businesses won't open." 

Katherine Tyson added: "If the rate of infection is above 1 and the numbers are 100 per 100,000 then yes? If not, then no?" 

Some people were sitting on the fence.

Claire Ryman said: "Think it depends on wether just Oxford or Oxfordshire in the same category. Oxford city is fairly high but the county as a whole not doing too bad." 

Domini Ka said: "Better tiers than tears." 

Others said the country should just 'carry on like normal'. 

Ryan Clark said: "Well, another lockdown hasn't changed anything so I don't think it matters." 

George Allmond said: "Nope. Open everything, back to normal, shield the vulnerable, restore the economy." 

Matt Spittle said: "How about no tiers, learn to live with it and start getting back to normality?" 

Sue Matthews said Oxford should be in Tier 2 'at least until the students have gone home'. 

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.