A TAKEAWAY kebab, burger and pizza restaurant was found with dirty kitchen appliances, lack of soap and pet food in meal preparation areas.

Soros BBQ & Kebab in Mill Street, Wantage was inspected on September 25, by Vale of White Horse District Council and received a one-star hygiene rating.

Inspectors reported that was no soap at the wash hand basin in the kitchen, though the restaurant has since bought soap.

During the inspection, the restaurant was unable to provide a ‘food management safety management system’.

The council's Environmental Health team said food businesses were required to identify food safety hazards and risks and put in place procedures to prevent problems.

The council also found that personal food and pet food were found in food preparation areas.

These items should be kept separately from food storage areas.

Damaged containers were also being used to store food products when it is advised that cling film or containers with lids should be used to seal products and checked regularly.

Several dirty areas were found in the takeaway restaurant which were requested to be cleaned within seven days of the inspection.

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The dirty items and areas included a pizza roller, grease on the ventilation system, flour containers used for chicken had dirty edges, surfaces and some fridges were dirty, food items had fallen on the floor and the staff toilets were dirty.

During the inspection, a chef was seen placing tongs used for raw food onto Bain Marie covers which could cause cross contamination.

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Staff in the kitchen were found not wearing aprons or suitable protective clothing and the takeaway did not have routine pest inspections.

On inspection, it was also revealed that excess cornflour for the preparation of chicken was being returned to a container with other flour.

The takeaway was told that only the necessary amount of flour should be removed and after use any left was to be disposed of. The inspectors explained that while it is not critical as the chicken and flour is cooked thoroughly after this process, it does unnecessarily contaminate the flour.

The food handling staff did not have suitable training in food and hygiene. The takeaway is expected to change this within one month.