THE DNA of two men accused of murder was found on knives discovered near the crime scene, a court has heard.

A forensic scientist told jurors today that the proposition that DNA on a knife handle matched one of the alleged killers was 'extremely strong.'

Three men deny killing Darren MacCormick in Mendip Heights, Didcot, as well as wounding two others.

Isaac Boyland, 20, of Marlborough Road, Oxford, Brookton Lagan, 19, of Robin Way, Didcot, and Taison Cyrille, also 19, of Market End Way, Bicester, all deny one count of murder.

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They further deny two counts of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm upon two men - Matthew Ryman and Floyd Kennedy.

Boyland and Cyrille also deny a charge of conspiracy to supply a controlled drug of Class A - cocaine - between January 1 and 10 this year, which Lagan has admitted.

Their trial at Oxford Crown Court was put on hold earlier this month after a barrister tested positive for Covid-19.

It resumed again last week following a 'deep clean' before continuing with expert witnesses giving evidence today.

From the witness box Maxine Matsuura, a forensic scientist, answered questions on the DNA evidence found at the scene of the alleged murder.

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The jury was shown three knives that were seized, one of which was split into a single blade piece and a handle.

Speaking of one of the knives she told jurors that DNA from the deceased was found on the blade.

She added that there was also DNA from 'at least three contributors on the handle.'

The court heard that the DNA profile of one of the accused - Lagan - was 'fully represented' and it was 'one million times more likely if he had contributed DNA rather than if he didn't.'

She went on to say that another of the accused - Boyland - also had his DNA 'well represented' on one of the knives.

The men deny the charges and the trial continues.